7 Steps Away From A Bikini Body

7 Steps Away From A Bikini Body

As we all know, our looks greatly depend on our genetics and the way of life. Luckily, there are some ways that can help us in changing our lifestyle as well as toning down the genetic factor. Whether you wish to reduce cellulite or just accentuate muscle tone, the following exercises can help you in achieving both. They have proven to be quite successful in the fight against cellulite and shaping a perfect bikini body.

Of course, exercising will not be enough unless it is combined with a proper diet and abundant water intake.  Some of the ways for getting rid of cellulite you can find in the text Today’s Big Q: How To Get Rid Of With Cellulite (FAST)?


Cow face pose

This pose will activate your deep thigh muscles and detoxify its cells. Your skin will become smoother and lumps will be reduced due to the fat burning caused by the exercise.

Start in a seated position, bend right leg in the knee and place your foot next to your left hip, resting on the floor. Then, place the bent left knee over the top of the right knee. Try to have your knees directly one under the other and in the centre of your body. It is important that your weight is equally distributed on both hips. Sit in this position for at least 5 breaths and then switch legs and repeat. You can rest your hands besides your body or do as in the picture.


Eagle pose

Unlike the cow face pose, this pose engages the whole lower part of your body, tightening both inner and outer thighs.

For this pose, bend your knees slightly, cross right leg over left leg high at the thigh, and if you can try to double cross it behind the left calf or ankle. Wrap your right arm under your left and back over top, press your palms together and then try to go a little deeper into the crouching position. Hold for 5 breaths, then repeat with arms and legs reversed.


Chair pose

In a similar way, this pose will help in combat against cellulite. Besides toning your muscles and building your gluteus, this pose will help you with balance and developing focus.

From a standing position, rise your hands up while inhaling. When exhaling, bend your both knees slightly; place your hips as if you will sit in a chair, pushing your chest forward. Try getting your ties parallel with floor. Stay in this pose for at least 5 breaths and then stand up slowly. Repeat the exercise three times.


Bridge pose

The best exercise in the fight for perfect behind and thighs.

First, lie on the back, place your legs hip-distance, bend your knees and set your heels as much to your bottom as possible. Lift your hips from the ground, pushing your shoulders down and stretching arms under your hips placed in a fist. Tighten all the muscles and hold minimum five breaths. Repeat two times.


Standing forward bend

Again one of the perfect poses for smoothing your behind, stretching muscles, hamstrings, speeding up metabolism and freeing your body from toxins.

Part our legs hip-distance, take a deep breath raising your hands towards the ceiling and then bend yourself forward while exhaling. The end position is when your chest is at your thighs. Stay in this pose for at least five breaths and then repeat.


Plank pose

It can be said that this pose is one of the best for unblocking the lymphatic system and encouraging lymphatic circulation. Once this blockage is removed, cellulite starts disappearing from the most prominent places.

Sit with your legs in front of you, your hands 10 inches behind your back and then resting on your hands and feet lift your hips up. After staying in this pose for five breaths, repeat again.


Candle pose

Another pose that is good for lymphatic system activation, toxins cleansing and fat removing from the belly and bottom areas.

Lie on your back and then lift your both legs up in the air, together with your hips, butt and lower back. Bend your elbows and use hands to support the back. Point your feet at the ceiling. Stay like this for at least three minutes.

Do you have a favourite pose, exercise or a tip? If so, feel free to share in the comments. 

Image by: 123Rf Photo Stock