7 Bad Habits That Can Make You Fat

bad habits


Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Reach for Foods

Sleep more and you will maintain your healthy weight or even lose some, in case you have to. Many researches have shown that lack of sleep is connected with weight gain. How is this possible? Sleep affects our body and our organism; the truth is that our body’s basic functions are at their best when well rested.

If you do not get enough sleep, the body will experience psychological stress. On the other hand, stress will only boost biochemical processes and our metabolism will slow down even more.

If you do not get enough sleep, a certain biochemical processes are imbalanced and you will store fat faster and more efficiently.

If you do not get enough sleep and rest, you will experience fatigue and low energy level. Very often, you will feel irritable.

In particular, lack of sleep will boost a certain stimulating hormone called ghrelin, and lower leptin, the hormone that is an appetite suppressor, and if decreased, it will make you feel unsatisfied after eating.

Make sure you sleep at least eight hours a day.


Thirst Can Make You Eat to Satisfy the Wrong Need

In a word, water is life. Lack of water can cause serious problems in our body, organism, and immune system. Water is required to perform some of the basic functions in our body – body’s temperature and transportations of fluids and gases throughout the body. Water promotes overall health – it is needed for the skin, bones, digestive system, memory, brain function and for every organ in our body. Lack of water affects every cell in the body.


One of the first symptoms of dehydration is mild fatigue. Many people misinterpret mild dehydration with hunger, so they eat to satisfy the wrong need. On the other hand, researchers have shown that a cup of water before each meal promotes better digestion and metabolism, which is very important for maintaining healthy weight.

Learn to recognize whether you are thirsty or not, and do not substitute thirst for hunger.