35 Tips on How to fit into your Dress by New Year’s Party without Dieting

fit into your dress without dieting

You have been enjoying holidays too much and you gain just enough weight that you are not be able to fit that beautiful dress you had bought for New Year’s party? Do not worry, this is an effective guide that will help you get rid of that pounds in just a month. This is not a diet plan, it is just a plan that will help you change your eating habits and get you back on track.


What you need to do and know before you start?

1.  Set your goal and write it down – studies showed that simply writing down your goals will keep you focused.

2.  Know your body – get more familiar with your body, this will help you control calories and workout.

3.  Prioritize your activities, stop with the excuses and limit your negative thought and feelings.

4.  Although this is not a diet plan, you still need to work out, so if you are having problems working out first forget about eating carbs, find a buddy to work out with and find the closest gym. Also, you should prioritize your exercising, do not opt for the exercise that are not in accordance to your goals.

5.  This plan does not include starvation or hunger, you need to eat. However, use blue plates, it can help you eat less.

6.  Eat six times a day (small portions) and plan your meals.

7.  Do not eat in front of the TV or computer. Studies showed that we eat around 40 percent more when we are watching TV or when we are doing something on computer. Also, we mostly eat junk food while distracted. So, when you are eating turn off your TV or computer.

8.  Eat only in the kitchen or dining room. When we are eating in the kitchen or dining room, instead of in the car, or at our desk at work, we will be focused on eating and paying more attention to the food. Eating in appropriate areas will also help you realize when you are full. Some researchers concluded that when we are able to see what we eat we eat up to 27 percent less.

9.  If food is served from the kitchen, eating habits are going to change.  You will eat 20 percent less if you keep your serving dishes in the kitchen instead of on the table. It is not strange that you will eat less if the food is out of your reach.

10.  If you chew your food 40 times you will eat about 12 percent less food. There is a direct correlation between chewing more and lowering the levels of the stimulating hormones that increase your appetite.

11.  A study showed that people who fill their plates with everything they plan to eat, eat about 14 percent less than those who do not fill it and return for second helpings. So, if you want to eat less, fill your plate but fill it only once, and to reduce your intake use smaller plates.

12.  If you leave last few bites on your plate you can cut about 250 calories.


What food should you eat and what food should you avoid?

1.  Drink a lot of water, water does not contain fat, sugar or carbs. Drink water before every meal, it will help you eat less.

2.  Do not drink soda, artificial juices and alcohol. These drinks are loaded with calories and sugar.

3.  You should eat eggs for breakfast, it will help you lose weight up to 65 percent. This kind of breakfast will help you lose inches from your waist, and the proteins from eggs will help you stay fuller for longer, thus you will eat less throughout the day.

4.  Include fruits and vegetables in your nutrition, because fruits and vegetables contain necessary vitamins and minerals that will help you stay fuller for longer. Fruits and vegetables have less calories so you can substitute your usual snacks with healthy and diet-friendly food.

5.  Skip mayo, ketchup or other “sauces” and you will save around 100 calories per day.

6.  Try to swap out processed foods and replace them with fresh alternatives. The processed food is low in nutrients and it will cause overeating because the body will seek the food with the nutrients it needs. This way you will eat more.

7.  Stay away from enriched foods because you will actually eat nutrient-empty calories.

8.  Start your meal with soup or salad and you will eat 20 percent less. Eat vegetable soup or salads before your main course and you will eat less.

9.  Switch to non-dairy milk alternatives and get rid of 30 calories (per cup).

10.  Eat foods rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Fiber helps the food move faster, and it will help the digestive system and control hunger.

11.  Include spices in your meals – you will drink more water.

12.  Green tea is great for increasing metabolism and decreasing the overall fat.

13.  Include vinegar and lemon juice in your meals. Sour drinks and food will help you stay fuller for longer and decrease overall calorie intake.

14.  Eat a lighter lunch.

15.  You do not have to stop eating sweets, you just need to stick to kids’ sizes. Indulge yourself because you do not have to eliminate your favorite foods, just decrease the portions.

16.  Focus on the quality of your food, not on the quantity, and enjoy the first four bites and then move on.

17.  Pay attention to the food that is the most appealing to you, and eat intuitively.

18.  People who eat with big forks eat less, studies showed. So, if you want to eat less use bigger forks.


What else should you do?

1.  Go for a walk after a meal.

2.  Do not return to your eating habits during the weekends.

3.  Try to control stress and avoid stressful situations.

4.  Focus on your goal and deeper reasons you want to lose weight.

5.  Write down your daily plan, this will help you stay focused and follow your plan.

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Image credit: 123RF Stock Photo