10 Articles To Read For A Healthy 2015

10 Articles To Read For A Healthy 2015

It’s that time of year when many of us think about “little” things we should change, things we want to do and enjoy more next year, or plans we have for the future. It’s the time for New Year’s resolutions. Do you have your list?

What I learned from experience is that those “little” things we wish to change, those resolutions we make, usually relate to things we want to own, or our wishes, like to travel more, to redecorate our houses, or to learn another language. We realize there are the habits we should change, like not to be late all the time, or to be more organized. But what about bad eating habits? What about bad nutrition? Rarely do we think about health and changes we could make.

The reason I decided to write about health resolutions came from a friend of mine, who made an interesting list that included eating more vegetables, cooking and eating at home, and replacing store bought juices with freshly squeezed.

Below is the roundup of 10 articles that could prompt you to think about healthy diets and nutrition, inspiring you to make some healthy changes in your life next year.


1. A Guide To Everyday Nutrition

This guide leads you through the basic information on what healthy food is, what food our body needs and where we can find essential nutrients we need, giving you advice on how to maintain optimum health. It’s for everyone who wants to know what needs to be done to include healthy food in everyday eating plan. READ MORE


2. What Food Should We Eat Every Day And Why?

What do you eat every day? Does the food you eat give you enough energy and keep you hydrated? Various foods become a part of our diets, but are there certain food we should eat every day? If, so, why? Blueberries are the healthiest berries in the world, and they, for instance, are a great food to start your day, whether fresh or frozen, giving you enough vitamin C, fiber and flavonoids. Read on to see foods that are great for every day diets. READ MORE


3. The Truth About Raw Food

You are certainly aware that the process of cooking destroys some of the nutrients in the food, but what’s the fuss about raw food? When eaten regularly and accordingly, raw food gives a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. The greatest benefits of raw food is fiber, which is in many ways essential for decreasing the risk of illnesses, proper digestion and premature aging. Some nutrients are available only in raw food, which makes raw vegetables and fruits vital for energy. It’s the best when we get vitamins and minerals from raw food. READ MORE


4. Why Are You Craving For Certain Foods?

A common problem many of us face is not being able to differ hunger from thirst, and this is, for many, the main reason for weight gain. Why are we craving for certain food? When we lack certain minerals and vitamins, our body reacts to this deficiency and starts craving for the food rich in those nutrients.  When our body lacks calcium, we may ask for cheese, fizzy drinks and alcohol. The problem appears when emotional stress or anxiety trick us into believing that anything we eat could help us. Craving food is in a way a psychological reaction; however, it is a message from our body. In the article, you will find 19 reasons your body crave certain food. READ MORE


5. 10 Rules Of Smart Snacking To Start Right Now

Snacking isn’t necessarily bad, in fact, it’s desirable in some situations: to keep energy levels high, and proper hydration of the body, keeping us alert and focused. But when, why and what should you snack on? We snack to keep our body energized, consuming the important nutrients. Snacks, in fact, can help you prevent overeating and curb hunger only if you know which food to choose and when to eat it. READ MORE


6. Top Misleading Food Label

All natural? Low fat? A freshly squeezed juice? Does this labels sound familiar to you? Manufacturers are trying to mislead and trick consumers in many ways. Low fat label indicates that product might be low in fat, however, it does n’s mean it has no sodium or sugar. The product might be low in fat in its nature, but it would be wise to read all nutrition facts. READ MORE


7. 5 Healthiest Juices In The World

What do you think about beetroot juice? Juices are the best way to get the essential vitamins and keep your energy during the day. The health benefits of natural, homemade juices can’t be compared to the “benefits” of processed juices. In the article, you will find information on how to make those delicious drinks. READ MORE


8. What Can Natural Homemade Remedies Do For You?

For centuries, herbs and plants have been used in medicine, and today, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine. Together with herbs and plants, food can also heal some common health problems. Learn what herbs, plants and foods can help you treat certain medical problems and how. READ MORE


9. 12 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Every Day

Meditation is one of the most efficient ways to battle stress and anxiety. It is a way for us to have a moment of peace for ourselves, and to experience calmness during the day, to be relaxed. Stress we experience daily influence our health and for numerous reasons affect our lives in general. When we are calm, we are focused and concentrated, inspired, happier and more productive. Meditation is easy, and practical. Learn 12 reasons why you should meditate every day and how. READ MORE


10. 6 Things That Influence Our Decisions And 8 Ways How To Be Better At It

We make choices and decisions every day. Do we make those decisions by ourselves? Not likely, all the things that surround us influence on us when making a decision. The things we read, hear and learn are there to help us, but when lack of oxygen or background music in a store influence your decisions, you get to wander.  Make sure you make the right decisions in 2015. READ MORE


When you start making a list, consider what you can do to be healthier and happier next year.

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