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A rash, also known as a lesion or dermatitis (Greek for skin inflammation) is a dermatological condition which causes changes in the appearance, texture or color of the skin. While a rash itself is not a pathological condition, it can be a sign or a symptom indicating a causative disease or disorder. A rash may cause the surface of the skin to become dry, filled with cracks or blisters and make the affected part of the skin very itchy.

While dermatitis is defined as the simple rash, there are other variants of it. Contact dermatitis is caused due to the contact of skin with certain irritant chemicals in the objects we use everyday and certain plants like the Poison Ivy and poison Oak. Irritant dermatitis, a subtype of contact dermatitis is caused by skin contact with acids and alkali present in soaps, perfumes and adhesives. This kind of rash usually looks like a burn.

Allergic contact dermatitis is a result of exposure to substances to which a person’s skin is too sensitive or allergic. In such cases, the rashes may take up to 2 days to appear. Based on the substance, the part of the body and the level of allergy, the rash may vary from a slight irritation to open sores. Overtreatment dermatitis occur as a result of excess medical treatment administered for a different skin condition.

Seborrheic dermatitis is another form of rashes which occurs both in adults and infants. While the milder versions are known as dandruff in adults and cradle cap in infants, there are more serious variants. Normally, this condition causes characteristic white or yellow flakes of skin in places with high oil content such as the inner ear or the scalp. This condition is said to be caused by a type of yeast known as Malessizia or due to an increased production of oil by the skin.

While it seems to recur in families, factors such as excessive stress, inclement weather, irregular usage of shampoos, applying alcohol-based lotions and pre-existing skin conditions increase the chances of infection. It is important to understand that cradle cap among infants is not infectious or a result of unhygienic care. Also, it is not a serious condition and is not caused due to allergies. It is a relatively harmless skin condition.

Other conditions can also lead to formation of rashes. Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is seen in people with pre-existing asthma or allergic tendencies and causes red, irritating scales on the skin.

Psoriasis is another causative factor which can cause rashes on joints and the scalp. It may also affect fingernails. Other conditions like Impetigo and Shingles can also cause rashes with characteristic appearances.

While different treatments are available for different kinds of dermatitis, there are some precautions which need to be taken when a rash first appears. The rash should not be touched and substances such as soaps, lotions should not be applied on the rash. It is always safer to consult a dermatologist instead of choosing self-medication before it turns ugly.

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What are Scabs?

Scabs are crusty layers that develop over wounds. They form when the usual process of blood clotting around the damaged skin hardens and turns into a hard layer on the wound. Scabs protect the wound from infections and germs by covering the flesh and letting the healing process go on without any intrusion from germs, bacteria or other sources. Scabs are usually formed within a few hours as a barrier that protects the inner flesh from infections.

It is not advisable to remove a scab if you want the would to heal naturally, but sometimes infections do break out and in such situations it is advisable to remove it so pus wouldn’t accumulate underneath or over the wound.
Be cautious, though, when removing it, to avoid pain.

Here are a couple of tips that can help removing the scab safely and without any pain:

How to Safely Remove a Scab

You can moisten the scab by washing it with soap and water. This will soften it and make it easier to remove. You can also use a clean cloth that has been dampened in a diluted solution of vinegar and water and it will make the scab damp and soft. Once the scab gets soft, clean your hands with soap and water and peel it off slowly and carefully. Wash the skin wound with soap and water and use a topical antibiotic to fight the infection.

Should I remove Scabs?

Do not remove the scab unless there is an infection. If the scab really itches, which can happen sometimes, use an anti itch cream instead of removing the scab altogether and ruining the healing process underneath it.

It is also a good idea to use an antibacterial cream on top of the scab, but make sure that you are spreading the cream evenly and wash the ointment off few times a day. Keep the scab dry as excess ointment will make the scab soft and it can fall off.

Should I cover a Scab?

The scab should not be covered. It is enough to clean it and keep it dry. Covering the wound is only advisable if it is bleeding, oozing or infected. If none of these things are happening then it is best to keep the scab clean, dry and uncovered. Also if the scab is on your face then do not put make up on it as it would add to the chances of it turning into a scar.

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What are Blisters?

Though there are various reasons for blisters, the major reason is due to the heat and friction. Generally, people are not aware that they should use only correct size shoes for their daily use. This could occur in various parts of the body, especially, in the lips and fingers. Though it would not be visible, there could be some inside the mouth also. There are other causes for this skin problem and though it is not a serious health problem, immediate action should be taken to prevent further developments with the body. People prefer to have natural methods for curing this health problem.

How Serious Blister Can Be?

The blister agent is vesicant is the root cause for this problem and it develops with skin and eyes. There would be severe pain and irritation, when a person has this disease. Most of the diseases are not very serious, when they are given proper medical treatment in the initial stage of the problem. But, very unfortunately, people show no interest for these problems and only they become serious, they visit their physicians for their medical treatments. Water blisters and fluid blisters are some of the problems for the skin and they cause various other problems also, if they are not treated at once.

This is a type of virus infection and this is due to Herpes Simplex Type one virus. Usually, it attacks the skin and body with symptoms of fever and severe pain. Normally, it takes about two weeks to cure. Even after the treatment, the virus would stay in the body and there is always a possibility of a problem if future also. They should be removed completely for prevention in the future. When lesion starts to develop further, there would be severe pain followed by bursts in the blister. Due to this, a scab would be formed in the area of the skin. Oral cold sore is the best option for providing medical treatment. Generally, cold sore is not curable completely and other steps should be taken for this health disorder.


The initial symptom is not difficult to feel and it would help to realize that they are suffering from blister problem. There would be tingling sensation in the area of the mouth of the sufferers and it is necessary to visit the physicians for immediate medical treatments.

Since fever blisters are contagious, their plates, glasses and other usable items should be kept separately and others should not move close with them. It is very important to control in this from spreading from one person to another person. All of their properties should be cleaned and washed perfectly and they should be provided with a separate bed and other facilities. Other types of blisters can be treated easily and there are many natural procedures for this skin problem and the natural procedures have no side effects, though it would take a longer time for complete recovery from the skin infection. Basic knowledge of skin infections is necessary for parents and they should take care of their children with the guidelines of the advices of the experts.


Skin Tenderness

What Is Skin Tenderness?

Imperfect maintenance of skin paves way for many skin diseases and that is why the skin should be protected well. At times, due to various factors, there would be skin tenderness with the skin. Generally, the skin is not very strong and the outer skin is very delicate and with the layer, it provides complete protection to the body. People should not take lightly, when they have a skin infection, since there could be some serious causes of the skin infection.

Skin inflammation should be only with the required standard and when there is strong inflammation, it would lead to several skin problems. Sometimes, there would be some symptoms for the skin tenderness and if this occurs of simple factors, there would be no serious problems for the skin. The main causes for the problem are cellulitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, stasis dermatitis and ulcer and corns and calluses.


When people suffer from skin tenderness, they would have severe pain in the infected area and at times, there would be irritations and the sensation of scratching. Further, in some rare cases, there would be drainage of pus and bleeding. It would be very difficult for the persons to handle their jobs and they would feel that they are separated. People should avoid contact with persons, who suffering from that skin problem. When they are diagnosed with certain cause, then the actual medical treatment would begin. It is better to have treatment when the skin infection is in its initial stage. At times, serious diseases also could occur, when it is not provided with specific treatment.

Visit Your Doctor or Not?

Generally, whenever people are suffering from health disorders, they would visit their general physicians for their consultations. In the case of skin diseases, they should visit only the dermatologists for their diagnosis and further medical treatment. Causes for tender skin may differ from person to person and they should be diagnosed individually to find the exact reason for this problem. It would be very serious for the persons, who have sugar, especially, blood sugar. The skin disease may look normal and there might not be symptoms, at times. But, when the persons, who are having high blood pressure and sugar, it checks with their specialized physicians, since early diagnosing is absolutely necessary.

When they find the skin tenderness is due to normal reasons, they don’t have to worry about it and it would be cured with simple medications. They have to be sure their problem is not because of serious causes and they can relax themselves and continue their medical treatment.

Different procedures are performed according to the diagnosing of the skin tenderness and poisoning is also considered as one of the reasons for the skin infection. Scorpion sting is always would lead to the problem and it is necessary for people to consult a physician for immediate medical treatment. To provide awareness to people, many websites are publishing details of various skin problems and the information is really very useful to the public and they are following the basic needs to avoid skin infections.


Skin Redness

Skin and Body Protection

As the skin is the largest organ of the body of a human, it should be provided with complete protection and if it is provided with perfect protection, it would work as the security guard for the whole body. It works as the shield for the inner parts of the body and generally, it is the entrance for all harmful bacteria and the skin would be infected when the skin is not properly protected. Skin redness is one of the skin problems and there are many reasons for this skin trouble. This is also known as erythematic condition, inflamed skin and flushing.

General Causes of Skin Redness

Abnormal redness would be in the area of the skin, when the person is suffering from the skin redness. Insect bites, sunburn, diaper rash, ringworm, eczema, allergic reaction and ingrown toenail are some of the diagnoses are associated with this skin infection. There are many reasons for the skin redness and some of them could longer duration go heal.

Even the climate change could be one of the reasons for this, which would not take time for the cure. Allergies and rosacea are the other causes for this skin disease. The allergic and irritants could cause this problem severely to the skin of the body.

Doctors and Skin Redness

By nature, the skin is very soft and delicate and when people are using some of the irritants like soaps, detergents and substandard allergic food, there is a possibility of skin redness in different parts of the body. When people feel that they have some allergic problem with their skin, especially, redness, they should visit a dermatologist for medical treatment. The skin specialists would be always dealing with the skin problems only and it would be very easy to diagnose the problem immediately and they would start their required medical treatments.

Many people may think that it is not a serious health problem and it is true. But, as for as the sufferer is concerned, he would feel discomfort and uneasiness and it would spoil his regular activities, hence, urgent medical treatment should be taken by him. In initial stage, all the skin diseases would look similar with redness, blisters, rashes and others. The reasons could be different for each of them. Unless the proper diagnosis is done by the specialists, it would develop other skin related problems. It would be difficult after some time, since it would have spread to all other parts of the body. People have the habit of taking self treatment, without consulting the physicians for their health disorders and skin problems. They may think that the medicines at the counter would be effective for them to cure their diseases, which is not true. In fact, self medication complicates the problem and they would have to take treatment for other problems also.

Dermatologists have specialized in skin related diseases and they should have consulted only with them. People should be always hygienic and should not wear dirty dresses and should avoid using dresses from their friends or relatives. If they follow the simple ways, they would escape from the Skin Redness diseases.

leukocytes role in inflammation

Skin Inflammation

About Skin and Inflammation

Skin is the protector of the entire body and in fact, it is the largest organ of the body. It is always necessary to pay attention to the skin, to avoid various health problems to the body. The services of the skin are highly essential to the body, since it safeguards the entire body and fights against the pathogens and irritants. The way of reaction of the skin is the skin inflammation and the inflammation is required to get rid of the diseases that are caused by pathogen, irritants and damaged cells.

It would not be possible at all, to cure the injuries of the skin, without the help of the inflammation, since it initiates to destroy the stimuli, which is very harmful to the body. The inflammation takes the leading role in the healing process for the body.

What Is Dermatitis?

The general medical term for any type of skin inflammation is dermatitis. Although it is not contagious and not a serious problem, it should be cured immediately. Rashes or eczema are the other names of this skin problem. Usually, there are some symptoms for the inflammation and once the symptoms are noticed, it should be treated with proper medication.

Symptoms of Skin Inflammation

Irritation, itches, redness, swelling, rashes, blisters, crusty skin and scales are some of the important symptoms of dermatitis, which is a type of Skin Inflammation. Though it is necessary to have inflammation, the quantity of inflammation should be monitored and when it goes unnoticed, it could invite many skin diseases and even infections in the skin.

Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

There are some important causes for the Skin Inflammation, though about twenty percent of the people of the world come across this skin problem at least once. Persons, who have this problem, do not have to worry, since it is not a serious disease for the skin.

Allergen contacts, dry skin, dysfunction of the immune system, contact with irritants, oily hair and skin, tissue fluid accumulation and burns are some of the causes for the skin problem.

Generally, there are different types of inflammations and it is necessary to diagnose the exact reason for the problem. Contact inflammation occurs with the irritants, such as skin soaps, laundry soaps, detergents and perfumes. When they are used continuously, the skin gets affected by them and cause skin infections. Atopic inflammation dermatitis is another type and this occurs due to a chronic skin irritation with allergy and it would not a long time to cure this skin disease. Seborrheic inflammation is another type and this is due to oily skin and hair. Using shampoo and other products causes a red rash, dandruff and stasis is another type of inflammation and this is due to fluid accumulation and it affects the lower part of the leg.

When people are suffering from the Skin Inflammation, they should not use creams or any drugs without the consultation of the physicians they should visit the physicians for their recommended treatment. Only with the instructions of their doctors, they should take medical treatments. It would not take much time for the physicians to cure the skin problems.

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Skin Pain

Common Causes of Painful Skin

When the skin is not governed properly, it would always a problem to the body and most of the skin diseases are entering the body through infected skin. Whenever people have injuries, burns and other unusual symptoms, they should take care of the skin at once. At times, there would be painful skin to the touch problem. It is natural for many people having this problem that is due to muscles and joints ache. This would not become serious and if they take a rest or with simple medication it would be alright soon. There are other causes for this problem and attention to be paid to get rid of this problem.

There are many associated with the painful skin to the touch and they could cause severe pain and some of them are very serious. Neuropathy and post herpetic neuralgia are also related to this skin pain. Diagnosing the actual cause is very important in all skin diseases and only after diagnosis, the physicians would be able to provide required medical treatments.

Symptoms and Similar Medical Conditions

Usually, skin pain is accompanied with some symptoms of skin rash, burning sensation and redness. At times, there would be no external visible symptoms, but the pain would persist with the skin. Vitamin deficiency and diabetes are some other reasons for this skin problem and it is not difficult to cure this. The fact is that there could be various reasons for the skin infection in various parts of the body. When diabetes is not treated properly, it would develop into diabetes neuropathy and in this case, the blood circulation is affected in some areas of the body and due to this, the skin would become sensitive and they would severe pain, even with a light touch in the area of the skin. Tactical defensiveness is related to neuropathy and when the persons are suffering from this. This affects the neurotransmitters and their regular activities and because of this, there would be intolerable pain with the skin and the patients would suffer pain under the skin, even with a soft touch. Special treatment with neuropathy specialist would be the best option for curing this problem.

Other Skin Pain Useful Notes

When people have painful skin problems at their lower back, it could be a serious one and they should visit their physician at once to get their medical treatment. Sunburn is another reason for this problem and this occurs when the body is exposed with different temperature conditions and there would be some pain with the skin and this could be cured easily. When people are traveling to different places, they should be careful with their skin and should follow the basic guidelines for maintaining their skin in pink condition.

Even a small injury could cause many health disorders of the body and if they are left unattended, further complications could occur in their skin.