How To Treat Dry Skin Under Eyes?

Dry skin under eyes treatments

Dry skin is a problem that affects millions of people. The condition causes itching, flaking, cracked lines and rough patches.

Swimming is a good source of exercise, but it can also be a major contributor to dry skin patches under the eyes. The skin underneath the eyes is thinner than skin on other parts of the body, and for this reason fine lines and dark circles accumulates. Other signs that may follow dry skin are redness, irritable eyes and scaly dry spots.

To help combat these problems, try keeping a lubricating moisturizer under the baseline of the eyes to help reduce dry skin. Also try keeping the entire face area clean and moisturized.



Identifying Dry Skin

Sometimes the symptoms of dry skin under the eyes must not be visible. Although, the itching and irritable feeling is present, the other signs are not far behind. Dry skin creates wrinkles and fine lines. It also produces the rough and raw looking skin that feels textured when it is touched. Scaly flakes may be present along with a little swelling under the eyes.

Having a natural dry skin is not helpful in these instances, which are why dry skin should be treated properly and promptly.


Causes of Dry Flaky Skin under the Eyes

Treatment of Dry Skin Patches under the Eyes

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There are medical conditions that can contribute to dry skin on every part of the body, including under the eyes. Psoriasis, Seborrhea dermatitis, Eczema and Blepharitis are known medical conditions that can severely affect the skin.

All of these conditions cause dry, flaky, irritable skin patches and redness. Blepharitis is probably the worst because it can cause inflammatory conditions that can harm the eyelids due to the oil glands malfunctioning.

Cosmetics like skin foundation, lotions, cleansers, eye liners, eye shadow, mascara and removers can also cause dry out the skin under the eyes.


Treatment of Dry Skin Patches under the Eyes

There is no single, simple cure for dry patches under the eyes but there are effective treatment methods on the market. Simple psoriasis is treatable with local antibiotics and in mild case a steroid may be needed. This is particularly true for sensitive areas. Creams are useful as well in treating dry, flaking and  irritable skin conditions.

Most creams contain anesthetics, antifungal, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antibacterial properties. These anti properties are formulated to combat even the most bothersome dry skin. Some creams and ointments are designed specifically for the eye areas. They help to keep the dry and sensitive areas of the eyes lubricated and moisturized.

Other important factors to consider about dry eyes are environmental and diet changes. Eating right and drinking plenty of fluids can help get moisture in the body.

However, being in the sun for longer periods of time can and do damage the skin and dries it out. Use tropical creams suitable for under eye dry skin and take plenty of nutrients and vitamins.

To relieve redness and irritation mix ½ tsp of aloe Vera gel, and ½ tsp of olive oil in a small cup and apply it to under the eyes each night.

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