Aloe Vera

Is Aloe Vera Really Such a Powerful Plant?

It is documented that kathalai, the term used in Ayurvedic medicine, was used in 16th century BC. It appeared in Natural History written by Roman naturalist, and natural philosopher, Pliny the Elder, and in De Materia Medica by Greek botanist, pharmacologist and physician, Pedanius Dioscordies. Continue

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Six Top Remedies for Headaches

Today, headaches are very common complain, thus it seems as almost they are not considered to be a medical problem. However, even though they are not life threatening, the pain they produce disables anyone of normal and positive functions and thinking. Continue

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Clay spa

Bentonite Clay and Cellulitis

Have you ever noticed how animals eat clay? Have you ever wondered why that is? The truth is that animals know and recognize the healing powers of nature, so in times of illness or poisoning, they eat plants, clay or dirt that can help them reduce or completely remove the pain. This does not come as a surprise because clay is actually a combination of one or more minerals. Continue