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Health Benefits Of Almond Oil

Everyone has heard about the health benefits that are achieved when eating almonds but not everyone is aware of the benefits of using almond oil. Almond oil offers an array of benefits to your hair, skin, and internal organs.


Skin Benefits

Almond oil is highly beneficial to your skin. Your skin absorbs the natural Vitamin E found in almond oil. Your skin will become nourished and beautiful and the oil is able to be used on any skin type. The only downfall to using almond oil on your skin is that your facial pores may become clogged due to the oily nature of the oil.



Severely cracked and dry skin will benefit from the use of almond oil. People who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema will notice a dramatic improvement after using almond oil. People with chronically chapped lips have noted that almond oil works better and faster than most lip balms.

The regular nightly use of almond oil under the eyes has been shown to help diminish dark circles. The recommended dose is a drop in the morning and before bed under the eyes to help reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.


Internal Benefits

People who look at nutrition labels will notice that raw almonds have a large amount of fat. Many of these individuals do not realize that almonds contain good fat that their body needs. Almond oil is a proven and all natural means of reducing cholesterol and increasing heart health with regular use. Many cooks utilize almond oil instead of regular cooking oil to take full advantage of the health benefits. Make certain to use sweet almond oil and not bitter almond oil. The two have dramatically different tastes and bitter almond oil may be toxic in the large amount needed for cooking.

Linda Ward is a nurse and a wannabe writer. She enjoys writing about different health, food and lifestyle topics. In her free time, Linda loves to dance and work out in a gym.

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7 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Almond Oil

  1. Almond helps to prevent cancer and prostate tumor, reduces blood pressure and risk of cardiac attack. As it is rich in Vitamin E, nourishes our skin. People use almond in different ways. Eating almond with butter corrects stammering.

  2. Almond oil is great for dry skin. It relieves itchiness, rashes, irritation and lot may things. It is a good moisturizer for your delicate skin.

  3. I love almonds and it helps my skin glowing. It has anti-oxidants which eliminates toxins and cleanse our body. Almond is very beneficial both for skin and hair.

  4. It is a source of vitamin E, which is an important vitamin needed by our skin. Vitamin E is frequently labeled as a skin food because it nourishes our skin.

  5. Almond cures constipation and helps to bring a smooth digestive system. Hence, it helps to remove toxins from our body. Thanks for putting this interesting article.

  6. I love to rejuvenate my skin with almond oil. Elders use them to remove fine lines, wrinkles, rashes. Regular apply may heal thousands of skin related problems.

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